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Brazil, the new player for spicy flavours

Brazil has been slowly increasing its market share in the global business world. Facing the giants China and EUA, we are finding our own space. Sweet potatoes (red/white), Yams, Kabochas Squash, Ginger… and why not Garlics?

Even though we are a big importer of Onions and Garlic from Europe and China, we have our own production with much more quality and taste. Our Sweet Potato has been showing a different flavour (positively), great and very healthy for muscles. In short, Brazilian spices are facing an opening in the global market.

Port of Santos

Brazilian cuisine is not that well known, as well as how to serve it in a great way, however who possesses that knowledge favours with a great advantage in the market.

So why not benefit from these facts? Orders with mixed containers have been made!

This is your time to take it! Appreciate your time and see you soon!

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