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Fresh Quality in global media

A couple of months ago, Fresh Quality was featured in an article at FreshPlaza. The article discussed about the growth of the market share for Brazilian Ginger. For the past few years the volume of fresh ginger exported from brazil has been rising. For this year the forecast is even better, and we at Fresh Quality are prepared to supply for this increase.

There are some reasons that explain this growth. The first is that Brazilian ginger has been more and more appreciated in the foreign market for its higher quality when compared to the Chinese, which is the main competitor for this produce. Customers are becoming more conscious about quality and health issues, and they end up demanding Brazilian ginger.

Other reasons are: the trade war between China and USA (which is the largest importer of Ginger in the world) and the low volume season expected in Chinese Ginger. This can surely end up opening more space for our Ginger.

FreshPlaza is one of the main websites for the Fresh Produce market, producing the most relevant content for this sector. For that reason it was a great honor to be featured and make our contribution with valuable information on our main product. Click here to read the full article.


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