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Brazil expands sweet potato offer and exports decrease.

The export of Brazilian sweet potatoes decreased around 25% in volume, comparing the first semester of 2022 (150 containers) with the same period of 2021 (201 containers).

Almost all of Brazil’s production of sweet potatoes is of the red skin & white flesh variety.

Growers who increased their crop of purple flesh, were not able to sell their whole production, since there is not enough consumption in the internal market and there was no demand from the European market, the most important destination for Brazilian sweet potatoes.

Reasons for the export decrease:

  • Quality issues have affected the exporters who outsource packing house services

  • Production and logistic costs for Sweet Potato are increasing in Brazil.

  • Concentration of exports in a few Dutch importers, who reduced their Brazilian sweet potato imports by 20% comparing the same period of last year.


  • Exporters should aim to diversify importers and varieties, such as the orange flesh (convington) and purple flesh.

  • Development of the European market for the red skin / white flesh variety, which is still a niche segment in Europe, as it once was in Brazil.

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